IMG_2215My name is Lisa and I’m a real gardener with a real garden… weeds and all.  I don’t have a television show, I haven’t written a book, and yes, that is chicken poop on my shoe.  I take all the photographs on this blog myself (usually with my iPhone).  I have weeds in my garden.  I’m waging a never ending war with grass growing in my flower beds and for some reason I can’t make the neighbor children understand that dandelions are not wishes unless you wish me dead.

I’ve been interested in the garden since I was 11 years old.  We moved into a house that was teeming with beautiful roses, colorful flowers and a giant plum tree.  I spent my first fall digging in the front flower box and uncovered a treasure trove of little round gems.  I spent my afternoons digging up my “crop” and hiding it away in the garage.  It was later that I found out that I had extracted every last tulip bulb.

Ever since then I’ve had dirt under my fingernails.  In 1999 I quit my well paying corporate job and started as a simple cashier in a chain garden center.  From there I found my true calling in life and delved deeply into the world of horticulture.

I’ve been a grunt, a manager, a buyer, a landscape designer and most recently I’m delving into the world of cut flower farming and floral design.  I’m keeping my day job at a local retail garden center, but spending all of my free time in the world of cut flowers.

I take all of the photos on this website with either my iPhone 4s or a Pentax K2000.

If you are interested in purchasing cut flowers or floral design please contact me at lisa@sproutingoff.com.


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