Bright and colorful

We went away for the long weekend and should I ever become an actual flower farmer that will not be the case again.  I thought the rain would topple all of my foxglove, but most of them were still standing.  However, nearly every last peony decided to open over the weekend.  The coming week’s weather forecast shows it may rain and open peonies + rain = a mess.  I have so many peony bushes, but only a few are in bloom (most are far too young).  Those that are in bloom are spectacular so I ran around the garden and cut all of the open flowers.  It is still killing me to cut the flowers out of my garden to use as cuts, but the garden still looks spectacular.

I used the majority of the blooms in the arrangement I’ll show on Thursday (I do my Seasonal Flower Alliance arrangements on Mondays), but there were a few Festiva Maximas to use in a second arrangement.  I have a Delphinium that is tucked up under the Box Elder behind a Butterfly Bush and under some Daylilies.  Needless to say it is in a shady location.  As a result it creates 7′ tall stems that are very open.  I love it.


I combined those with the Sweet William that is really starting to take off and a few Iceland Poppies.  I can’t remember which variety this is, but I always thought it was too fragile of a stem.  That is not the case!  As soon as the bloom opens the stem becomes perfect for cutting.


I did many of my seeds as mixes for a number of reasons.  The biggest is space.  I don’t have a large amount of space and I wanted to try as many different flowers as possible so I elected to go with a mix rather than individual varieties.  It makes designing a bit more difficult (as evidenced by this hodgepodge mess), but it is an exciting challenge.  Besides, you get a bloom that is rather unexpected.  I find this two tone poppy bloom quite intriguing.


The creamy white looks like it was gently dipped in yellow water color.  I love surprises and I think that’s why I love flowers so much.  There’s a surprise around every color.

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