This week I was able to cut buckets and buckets of blooms.  I didn’t cut every last one, but it was enough to make at least 5 arrangements.  I’ve gotten to the point where I have more blooms than I know what to do with.  A few of my girlfriends said they loved the photos I’ve posted on Instagram/Facebook and they wanted in on the action.  Since I don’t fancy myself a true flower farmer or florist yet I cut the ladies a killer deal.  Besides they’re my friends.



This way I get to share my excess blooms and make a little cash on the side.  I won’t get rich my any stretch of the imagination, but it might pay for the water I’ll use over the summer.


As soon as I can find a better source for foliage filler I can take on more “clients.”  I have a large amount of flowers, but my filler selections are a little less abundant.

The deal is that I’ll deliver a fresh bouquet of blooms to their doorstep each Monday (my day off from my day job) and the following week they’ll leave the clean vase and the payment for the previous week on the doorstep.  Fresh flowers each week for a super cheap price.  Why yes!


They’re perfect for the living room or dining room table.  It is my firm belief that everyone should have fresh cut blooms in their house at any given moment.  I believe that flowers are for giving to friends and loved ones.  I believe that flowers are for celebrations, and just because it’s Tuesday doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate.

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