Freezing Leeks

A few years ago I grew enough leeks to feed an army.  Since then I haven’t grown them.  Mostly because I ran out of ideas on how to use leeks and many of them just went to waste.

In the past few weeks leeks have been showing up on a consistent basis in our Terra Organics box.  I’m pretty good at working through everything that comes in our box, but the leeks have me shell shocked.  I’m having leek flashbacks of years gone by.  They show up in my dreams.  I really need to seek help.

There are so many leeks in our fridge that there is no possible way that I can get through them all before they go bad so I decided to freeze them.  Freeze leeks?  Why surely I must be joking.  I’m not and don’t call me surely.

Since my leeks have been hanging out in my fridge, plotting how they can smother me in my sleep, they’re getting a bit old.  They have a few icky bits, but those are no big deal.


We’ll cut those parts off so no worries.

The first step is to cut the leeks down to size.  Cut off the root end and then the leafy green top.  You can leave a bit of the green on the end of the white, but it can get rather tough.

The rest gets chucked into the compost.  I don’t feed anything in the onion family to my chickens.

For the compost

Next slice the leek bit in half.  This is mostly to check for dirt.  No one likes a dirty leek.  They show up at parties all drunk and go home with trashy people.

If the leeks were grown properly there shouldn’t be any dirt.  If there is rinse it out, shake out as much water as possible and then chop the leeks into sizes you think you’ll use.  I cut mine rather thick since I’ll use them as a chopped onion substitute or my husband will put them into soups.

Throw them into a ziploc bag, press out all of the air, seal the bag and throw it into the freezer. Now when you’re out of onions and don’t have time to run to the market take out what you need and put the bag back for next time.

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  1. B. Alleman says:

    THANKS SO MUCH! I too have 100 plus leeks in my garden. Neighbors and friends have been very helpful in sharing my bounty.
    Looking forward to this task ahead.

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