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I realize that a good number of new visitors come to my site from a fluke post about composting that made it to the Home Depot Gardening Club Pinterest site.  Oh the irony.

In my line of work I get at least a daily request for some thing that was found on Pinterest.  The good news is I too have a Pinterest account (you can totally follow me through that link over there —–>).  The reason I have such an account is 1) because I’m a craft junkie 2) I get an almost daily request for stuff found on Pinterest.  Here are a few that I know will or will not work.

Growing Celery From the Stump

The infamous photo of celery growing from the stump in an Irish oatmeal can is pretty much a staple on the P-interest.  In fact search regrow anything and you’ll get a bajillion hits.  If you ask me it’s all a crock of crap.  At least that’s what I used to think.  My neighbor is proving me wrong and I hate it when she does that.  It is possible to grow celery from the cut off stump, but it is really only successful if you plant it in dirt.  That is true for the majority of the same types of things you see on Pinterest.  If you stick green onion bits in a glass of water they are going to be spindly, slimy, worthless green onions.  At that point you really are much better off purchasing a packet of seeds and sowing them in your garden (or a container).  Green onions are super simple to grow.  Celery… that’s a little more tricky.  But apparently it does grow from a stump in the garden.


Here’s how this one goes.

“Do you have Lemongrass?” or

I can't give credit for this photo because I honestly can't find where the original came from.

I can’t give credit for this photo because I honestly can’t find where the original came from.

“When will you get your lemongrass in?” or

“I saw this thing on Pinterest where you can pot Lemongrass in a giant pot and it will repel mosquitoes and give you great privacy”

I said at one point I can tell what people are doing by what they ask for.  There are the weed growers, the square foot gardeners and now the Pinterest fans.  Ask for lemongrass?  I know you have a P-interest account.

Here’s the scoop on lemongrass.  It is not hardy in the Pacific Northwest.  It comes in puny little 4″ pots, from 1 grower, who isn’t growing it this year.  When we can get it it flounders and will never look like the photo.  I hate to disappoint.

Rose Cuttings in Potatoes

This one makes me cringe.  So much so that I want to shake people who ask about it.  Ok, I won’t shake you… very hard.

Let’s get one thing straight.  Potatoes are weeds.  Seriously.  If you couldn’t eat potatoes I would totally curse their name much like that horrible grass.  Any tiny little bit of potato left in the garden will grow a whole new plant.  Trust me.  I have potatoes growing in nearly every bed in my garden.  I even have them growing in the pathways where I’d dropped a tiny potato-ling last year.

Stick a rose stem into a potato and put it in the ground?  I dare you.  You might get a rosebush, but you’ll also get a lifetime supply of potatoes.  Of course that would go well with your “lifetime supply of celery.”

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