Seasonal Flower Alliance: 5.16.14

I wandered through my garden all week this week looking at what pickings I would have come Thursday morning.  The pickings were rather slim… kind of.  The reality is that I have gobs of gorgeous foxgloves starting to bloom.  White, apricot, purple.  The are magnificent.  I planted them from seed last year and they are very old heirloom varieties.  I didn’t pick any.  I wanted to do a smaller arrangement.


I also noticed that my single dark pink Peony was starting to open.  It is always the first.


The first of the Iceland poppies opened as well.


Along with the lovely lavender Rhododendron.  I love a Rhody with class.  I own 8 Rhodies.  5 I planted, 3 came with the house.  2 that came with the house I would like to remove, but this one lavender one steals my heart every time.


She is elegant and semi-double.  She lasts as a good cut flower as long as you cut the truss when it isn’t fully open.  It is one of those shrubs that is totally covered in blossoms and you can hardly see any green when it is in full bloom.  I don’t do anything to this shrub.

So my original intent turned into a menagerie of one offs resulting in a mish-mash of color.


I added chive blossoms and the first of the Geum (which isn’t a stand up cut flower).  For greens I used quince branches and a few sprigs of Spirea.  It isn’t my favorite arrangement, but it does add some color to the house.

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  1. Mel says:

    Lovely. I’d never have thought of putting a rhododendron in the mix but it is so beautiful in your close up and works perfectly.

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