Seasonal Flower Alliance: 5.22.14

Late last week the Foxglove started to open.  I planted 2 new varieties last year.  They are an heirloom white and an heirloom apricot.  I believe the apricot is called ‘Apricot Beauty,’ but I’ve since lost the name of the white one.  I also have the standard purple foxglove in the garden, but it’s so commonplace that I’m quite bored with it.

My arranging day {Monday} was a sick day for me, but I couldn’t stand being confined to the couch on a nice sunny afternoon so I ventured out and picked a bucket full of random blooms.


The peony that was in last week’s arrangement was also blooming.  For some strange reason this particular peony blooms 1/2 dark pink and 1/2 light pink.  I don’t believe it is a fade because the buds are different colors and I am certain that there is only 1 root in the ground.  I just consider it a bonus.

I also cut a few Iris stems, a coral pink oriental poppy, Spring blooming anemone, a light pink peony bud and the first of the sweet william.  For foliage I chose sweet cicely, but decided against it in the long run and opted for epimedium instead.


I wanted a vase that would hold the weight and height of the foxglove {which was difficult} so I pulled out the biggest one I have.


The arrangement ended up being a cornucopia of colors and textures.  I can’t wait until I get multiples of stems to use.  Right now I’m dealing with first year perennials or things that are just starting to bloom.


I’m trying my best to treat the garden as if it were a true production garden, but with perennials that’s so tough to do.  I have no problem cutting annuals way back because they’ll bloom again, but with perennials you only get one shot.


I must say it has been fun having a fresh arrangement in the house each week though.


I get to admire the beauty both inside and out.

The sweet william started to peek through this week and with the amount of it growing in the garden it feels like the first “production plant” I have on hand.  (never mind the spit bugs)


The ‘Apricot Beauty’ Foxglove has stolen my heart and as soon as I have more land to plant more varieties of things I feel I may go hog wild with the foxglove.



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