Seasonal Flower Alliance: 5.29.14

This week I finally had enough of a similar color scheme to make something that resembled an actual arrangement.


As I mentioned earlier this week many of my peonies opened over the holiday weekend and rain was in the forecast.  I wanted to save them so I committed the cardinal sin and cut every last bloom off of my Coral Charm (could be sunset) Peony.



In addition, the Sweet William I planted last year as a mix is finally starting to open more steadily.  I had no clue what color it would be and as luck would have it they are shades of salmon, coral and dark pink.


Victoria Louise Poppy is continuing to bloom and there were a few Festiva Maxima Peonies along with Karl Rosenfield.



As an added bonus I have a random rose that grows up into the Mexican Orange bush.  It is from a bit of root that was left in the ground.  There are 2-4 of these roses around.  The single hot pink flowers are sweet little unexpected touches.

IMGP2089For greens I used the last of the Solomon Seal foliage, a few new Sword Fern fronds and gave Raspberry stems a go.  The Raspberries were a little too green and wilted right away.  I’ll have to work on vase life with those since I have them in abundance and they make a nice Spring green filler.  I loved this arrangement.  It has been one of my favorites.  I’m hoping from here on out finding blooms will be this easy.


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