Seasonal Flower Alliance: 6.12.14

This week I have been so busy I did not get the opportunity to photograph the arrangement for my own table.  It was another sweet pink creation.  The only arrangement I did photograph was one that went to one of my “customers.”  I snapped a quick cell phone pic for Instagram.  Therefore it is becoming my arrangement for this Thursday.

While out cutting blooms for my weekly arrangements I found that I had enough of a single color scheme to make monochromatic designs this week.  One was a soft purple, another was deep reds and the last a bright sunny yellow & orange.

I had a number of Canary Yellow Zinnias open and as luck would have it, by the grace of seed variation one came out orange.

IMG_3660I didn’t pinch all of my zinnias so they are sending up early first blooms.  It throws off timing a bit, but I’m loving the cheerful colors.

IMG_3661Besides, they look fabulous with the sunny iceland poppies.


For foliage I added a few snips off of the Witch Hazel shrub and the additional blooms are from a large flowering coreopsis that was grown from a seed mix.  I threw the seed mix out to quickly fill in a space last year and there were a few things I kept.

While I don’t love the photos, I love the arrangement.  It reminds me of the Summer to come.


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