Seasonal Flower Alliance: 6.5.14

For Christmas my sister-in-law purchased a living social deal for me to do a blow your own glass experience.  Glass blowing is part of the culture here in the Tacoma/Seattle area.  I laugh when I travel at people who ohh and ahh over the Chihully art in hotels and casinos.  To Tacomites, meh… just another piece of blown glass.  Drive down 705 and you’ll see that.  However, getting to blow your own glass… now that’s fun.  That’s different.

The Spring is a very busy time for me and I hadn’t gotten around to scheduling my time with Rainier Glass Studio.  I also noticed it expired the Tuesday after Mother’s Day.  My husband, being the awesome guy he is called and got me in Mother’s Day afternoon.  Talk about a fabulous day and great experience.

I picked up my finished piece on Sunday and couldn’t wait to make an arrangement in it.  It took some working to figure out how to place flowers in a low wide bowl like this, but I figured out the trick was chicken wire.


The pallet is still what I’ve been showing this week.  It is amazing how the same blooms can make such different arrangements.


I added nine bark blooms to this one to change it up a bit.  I still haven’t figured out how to make those last without wilting.


The Sarah Bernhardt peonies are going strong this week and I couldn’t believe how big some of them were.  Especially the ones I disbudded earlier in the Spring.


I’m still in love with stocks.  The fragrance is outstanding.


I’ve also yet to figure out how to capture the true color of this Sweet William.  It is an amazing shade of deep fuchsia and this photo does not do it justice.


The bowl I created is not lopsided at all.  Most of my blown glass bowls have a slumped side on them, but this one does not.  I selected lime green and lavender for my colors and went with more lime than lavender.


In fact, you can’t really see the lavender unless you know what you’re looking for.  I love it because it is unpredictable for me.


I also had a few of these little friends poke their heads out this week.  It is far too early for Zinnias, but I hadn’t cut back many of them and let them go to bloom before I did.  I’ve either shot myself in the foot or just cut the earliest Zinnia I’ve ever grown from seed.  In any case I think the Envy green bud goes well with my glass bowl.

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