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Last September my husband scored himself an incredible career opportunity.  It was a huge transition for our family, but one that would turn out to be a good one.  Part of the transition was that he would be working from home instead of the office he previously occupied.  This was great because frankly not having to pay for child care was a huge cost savings to us.  The problem with it was that our house is only a 3 bedroom and the space he would be moving into was previously my home office/ craft room.  Not having a place to put all of my hoards of stuff (craft, scrapbook, garden, etc) was a wee bit stressful on me.  However, we had a plan to give me a space.  It was one of those puzzle piece types of projects.  Step one: tear down old shed (eww).  Step two: build new shed.  Three move the majority of the stuff from garage into new shed.  Four move all of my stuff from the home office to new shed (temporarily).  Five: build a wall in the garage to separate it into two spaces, front and back.

We started step five in February when my dad came to assist us.  He framed the wall and hung a few pieces of drywall.  I then had to frame in a window, finish drywalling, mudding taping sanding, paint, move doors.  It took weeks.  WEEEEKS.  I refinished my kitchen in 9 days.  This took weeks.  I never want to see drywall mud again.

I was done with the project and out of money so I filled the room with my stuff and there it has sat since late March.  I didn’t get to replacing the light fixture, finishing the floor, door & window trim, baseboards, door sweeps.  Those finishy bits that take for ever, but make the room feel finished.

We are having a resurgence of June-uary so I thought I’d tackle a few projects.  What a huge difference a little finish work makes.


Granted this is only one wall.  The other walls aren’t very exciting.  I finished the window and door trims.  I went with a wide unfinished pine stock for all of the trim.


I also added a cute pennant border and made a sweet roman shade complete with pom pom trim.


There’s a space under the window sill for ribbons and tapes.


The fabric on the back of the chair gets put over the door window with small magnets, but the window lets in so much natural light I like it without.  The shade is mostly if we use it as a guest room.


I found a few little jars at the craft store for a screaming deal and they called my name.


The biggest challenge was the light fixture.  It ranked right up there with the dining room fixture.  It is a bird cage with a keyless socket.  How difficult could that be?  Hours of one person on a ladder while the other held the cage up so we could adjust and readjust the bracket holding the ceiling cap.  But it’s done and gives the room a finished look bathed in a soft romantic warm light rather than a harsh fluorescent tube.

I love the room.  I want to spend more time in here.  I still have plans for the floor and baseboard trim.  We will also be adding a murphy bed at some point and then I think it will be done.  For now it makes me happy.

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