Terra-cotta pot cluster tutorial

This is going to be world’s worst tutorial.  I made this little thing a few months ago and I was so frustrated with the project that I didn’t take many photos.  I have intention of recreating it into an actual wreath and THEN taking actual photos, but in the mean time I had to share it.  Even though it was a pain in the ass to make it turned out very cute.

Those who frequent the gardening section of Pinterest have seen this wreath floating around.  There is no tutorial associated with it and the woman who photographed it did not make it.

Being the crafty person I am thought, “hey, I could make that!”  Turns out I can make something relatively similar, but totally different.  Here’s what I did.

First I gathered my supplies.

Wire, a wire cutter & pliers (I ended up using a smaller gauge wire)

A bunch of terra-cotta pots & a background form

It would have looked better if I had aged looking terra-cotta pots, but I didn’t have time since I was into instant gratification.  I just bought all of the pots at The Nursery.  I also had spent a good amount of time scouring garden centers looking for a wreath form.  After 5 garden centers I couldn’t find any so I settled for a product called a “Link-Up.”  It is a round wire grid thing used to hold up various perennials.  I discarded the stick parts and only used the grid.  It turned out useful to have the grid for the first go-around.

I also needed plants (of course)

Once I’d gathered all of my supplies I tried to figure out how the pots were attached to the form.  This is where the photos fell off the face of the Earth.

First I figured out that the wire I’d selected was far to heavy to manipulate.  Luckily I found some smaller gauged wire in my craft supplies box.  I couldn’t tell you exactly what gauge it was, but it was small.  My theory was to run the wire through the hole in the bottoms of the pots around the lip and secure it to the form.  Unfortunately, it was difficult to make the pots tight.  The whole thing became loose and unruly.  *insert expletives here*.  I went so far as to mount the form in my husband’s bench vise.  That didn’t work either.

I gave up on the project for a while.

After a while I figured out that I really needed to drill holes in the pots to secure them tighter.  I used a small masonry bit to carefully drill small holes in the pots that not only held the pots tighter, it helped hide the wires.

I placed the pots, used a sharpie to roughly mark where I wanted the holes, drilled the holes and wired the pots to the form.

There were a few spots where the over the rim method was still used.  In a few cases I had to wire a pot shard under another pot to make it lay right.  In the end it didn’t turn out exactly like a wreath but more of a cluster of pots.

The next step was to cram the succulents into the pots.  I didn’t have enough pots that stood upright to set the succulents into so many of them hang upside down. This isn’t the best for watering and a few of the succulents are dying now, but for the most part the whole thing looks pretty good.


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  1. Teri Herzog says:

    I love your idea, you are very handy with that,may I might suggest that you might could wrap the wire around the pot 2 or three times and maybe crisscross across the pots to hold you soil in so you can also water. Than the succulents can grow like X ever how they want too. I really like what you did.withe the pots.

    Thanks Teri

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