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I have over 60 gardening books on the shelves overlooking my desk.  They peer at me everyday willing me to open them and harness their power.  I love gardening books.  I have a weakness for vintage gardening books.  The following is a list of the books on my shelves and over time I will make it a point to review as many as possible.  Once a book is reviewed I will link the title to the review post so that you can see what does and does not work for me.  I will remind readers that I live in the maritime Pacific Northwest and some books are regional specific and some are not even available outside of the western United States.

All Purpose Gardening
Sunset Western Garden Book (3 editions, including a 1954 1st edition that I picked up at Powell’s Books in Portland, OR)
The Green Thumb Garden Handbook – Doc & Katy Abraham (2nd edition)
Better Homes & Garden New Complete Guide to Gardening
Better Homes & Garden Gardening in the Shade
Horticulture Gardener”s Desk Reference – Halpin & Macmillan
The New Gardener – Pippa Greenwood
Encyclopedia of Gardening – American Horticulture Society
Growing Vegetables West of the Cascades
Square Foot Gardening

Technical Manuals:
Manual of Woody Landscape Plants – Michael Dirr
Manual of Herbaceous Ornamental Plants – Still & Stipes
Nursery Management: Administration & Culture
Botany for Gardeners – Capon
Dirr’s Hardy Trees & Shrubs – Michael Dirr
Greenhouse Operation and Management – Nelson
Dictionary of Plant Names – Coombes
How to Identify Plants – Harrington & Durell

Regional Specific:
Propagation of Pacific Northwest Native Plants – Rose, Chachulski, Haase
Plants of the Pacific Northwest – Pojar & Mackinnon
The Pacific Northwest Gardener’s Book of Lists – Ray and Jan McNeilan
Low Water Use Plants for California and the Southwest – Shuler

Pests & Diseases:
Landscape Plant Problems – Cooperative Extension Washington State University
Pacific Northwest Integrated Pest Management Manual – Cooperative Extension Washington State University
Western Garden Problem Solver – Sunset
The Gardener’s Guide to Common-Sense Pest Control – Olkowski, Door, Olkowski
Flower Garden Problem Solver – Ball & Ball

Infinite Spaces: The Art and Wisdom of the Japanese Garden
Better Homes and Garden Home Landscaping
The Garden Design Book
The Ultimate Garden Planner – Peter McHoy
The Border Book – Anna Pavord
Home Landscaping: Northwest Region – Holmes & Marshall
Special Collection of Backyard Makeovers – Sunset
Landscaping with Fruits & Vegetables – Fred Hagy
Landscape Design & Construction – Black & Decker
Western Landscaping Book – Sunset
Residential Landscape Architecture – Booth & Hiss
Herb Garden Design – Swanson and Rady
Small Spaces, Beautiful Gardens – Keith Davitt
Better Homes and Garden Step by Step Landscaping

Turf Grass:
Handbook of Successful Ecological Lawn Care – Sachs

The Complete Irrigation Workbook – Franzak & Foster

Pruning & Training – Brickell & Joyce
Plant Propagation – Alan Toogood

Indoor Gardening:
The House Plant Expert – Dr. D.G. Hessayon
Indoor Gardening
Ortho’s Guide to Successful Houseplants
Simon & Schuster’s Guide to Houseplants

Container Gardening:
Container Gardening – Sunset
The Ultimate Container Gardener – Stephanie Donaldson

Plant Specific:
The Rose Bible – Reddell
Rose Gardening – Traditional Home
Better Homes & Garden
Gardening in the Shade
Pictorial Guide to Perennials

Vintage Books
The Complete Garden Handbook (1950) – Simon, Pierce, Hendrix, Elliot
Yard and Garden (revised edition 1913) – Tarkington Baker
Sunset Western Garden Book (first edition 1954)
The Suburban Farmer”s Handbook (1977) – Kramer

Western Fertilizer Handbook
Growertalks on Retailing – Ball
The Soul of Soil – Chelsea Green
Outdoor Water Features – Alan

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