The grass that haunts my dreams

April 29, 2013 in Other Stuff, Weeds, Weekend Projects by Lisa

I’m fairly certain that a gardener’s worst enemy is grass.  Specifically some weird unknown grass that haunts my dreams.  I can’t tell if it’s creeping bentgrass or tall fescue.  All I know is it is vigorous and any small piece of root left will sprout and regrow.

I’m on a mission this year to eradicate this grass in all of my flower beds.  I’ve lived in my house 9 1/2 years and have battled this grass the whole time.  A few years ago we took care of it in the large corner perennial bed.  Last year I tried everything I could to kill it in another part of the garden.  I sprayed it with toxic grass killer.  It laughed at me.  I covered it with black plastic for a year.  I’m pretty sure it gave me the middle finger.  I finally cursed its name and dug it out.

There are 2 more areas that are infested with this grass.  One such area happens to be right outside my bedroom window.  I wake up every morning, look at the window and see this:

IMG_2436If you look closely you’ll see wild strawberry, sedum rupestre and ivy leaves in that photo.  Yes, under that grass it was once landscaped (well with the exception of the ivy).  This is my beautiful rock garden my husband built for me 8 years ago.  It was one gorgeous.  He built the wall around 3 large green ceramic pots (that I’ve since moved onto the patio).  Friday I decided to tackle the rock wall area, but when I set to it I found the grass was so thick that I could’t take it out without the curse words.

As I dug I found that Dane the Dumbass Previous Homeowner had put down landscape fabric.  Next to this particular grass, landscape fabric is made of pure evil.  About an hour into pulling out the grass I had only gained about 2′ on it.  I elected to pull out the big guns.

IMG_2439You know it is bad when you have to use a pick axe to weed your garden.  I worked all day on Friday and only had 1/2 of the area fully de-grassed.  I enlisted the help of my husband to work the other side.  I should also mention that while we were pulling out the grass we also were pulling out most of the desirable landscape plants, potting them and trying to save them.  We were also pulling out all of the rocks with the intention of rebuilding the wall.

We were finally rained out Saturday afternoon, but all of the grass was removed, a few plants I thought I couldn’t save were spared and the wall is starting to take shape.

IMG_2443This isn’t the best photo of the area since the morning sun was pretty harsh, but I can see such potential for the space.  I woke up this morning and looked out the window and didn’t see any grass.  I could look at the bare rocks all day it was so nice.

Only one more area of grass to go.  I’ll have to wait 2 weeks to finish that since we have to finish the wall and both of our yard waste bins are full.  Now, if I were smart I would build a small moveable chicken run and put the girls in there to take care of the grass for me.  Hmm…




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