Tiny Arrangement

We visited a large Seattle area garden center a few weeks back and while shopping in the small container department I spotted this tiny little urn.  I’m always on the lookout for something I can put an arrangement in and this little gem seemed like a fun challenge.  My intent was to use it for a Seasonal Flower Alliance arrangement that week, but Lilacs were still in bloom then and I felt they would overwhelm the little dish.


The dish stands all of {maybe} 3″ tall and 4 ” across.

Most of my current garden blooms are tall (stay tuned for tomorrow’s post).  I started off picking a few Forget-Me-Not blossoms and added Sage blossoms and leaves.  The Salal is Spring green with new growth and full of flowers as well so that was a good anchor.  I disbudded one of the Sarah Bernhardt Peonies and they may or may not open, but I like the texture.  I needed more so I added a few stems of the last of the bleeding heart and a single stem off of one of the new White Rose Jasmine.  That one stem is making the house smell divine.  I took the arrangement outside to photograph it, but it didn’t feel quite right.  So I snipped a few twigs off of the Japanese Maple in the back yard and popped them in.  It filled it out nicely and added a wee bit of light airiness.


It is the perfect size for the dining room table and just as sweet as can be.  I like the combination of all of the Spring green colors.

I’m also thrilled at how nice the Salal blossoms look.  Salal seems like such an old stand-by when it comes to greenery that I take it for granted.


It is quite the little workhorse in the garden.


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