Tomato Tasting: Juane Flamme

I didn’t realize that I’m so behind in the tomato tasting series.  I guess I figure that I’ve photographed them and tasted them and that’s good enough.  Sorry.

Today’s tomato is Juane Flamme.  I found this tomato a few years ago at a local nursery and thought I’d give it a try.  I am so glad that I did.  I’ve been growing it ever since.  It is one of the few plants that I did not grow from seed.  The seeds are hard to come by and I’m not the best seed saver when it comes to tomatoes.  I picked the plant up at my store and it was originally grown by Langley Fine Gardens from Vashon Island.

Seed Savers Exchange had this to say:

Beautiful heirloom that originated with Norbert Perreira of Helliner, France. Commercialized by Tomato Growers Supply Company in 1997. Early crops of apricot-colored 4 ounce fruits borne on elongated trusses. Excellent fruity flavor with a perfect blend of sweet and tart. Great for drying or roasting, retains deep orange color. Indeterminate, 70-80 days from transplant.

Here are my thoughts:

How does it look?

Size: Large marble to 2 1/2″ fruits.  They grow in large clusters reaching upwards of 12-18″.

Shape: Every single tomato is exactly the same shape.  They are nearly perfectly round.

Color: When the fruit is ripe it is a brilliant orange.  When it is over ripe it will turn a deep orange.  I harvest the fruit when it is beginning to show signs of color.  This tomato is different than most.  It will color from the bottom up instead of the top down.

Inside: Thick with little juice.  There is just enough to make them seem juicy, but not enough for it to be running down your chin.

Texture: Soft and not mealy with a thicker skin.

How does it taste?

Plain: Sweet, not acidic.  I don’t suggest eating the over ripe fruit.  The skin/flesh ratio is off.  To me, this is what a tomato is supposed to taste like.

With Salt: Salt kills the sweetness and renders it nearly tasteless.

What would you do with it?

I eat them fresh in salads or on sandwiches.  I also dry them and pack them in oil.

Would I grow it again?

Absolutely.  It is my go-to early ripening tomato.

Other notes:

This and Azoychka are always the first two to ripen in my garden.  Juane Flamme is prolific and the flavor is amazing.  Every year my late mother-in-law would ask me for “the orange tomatoes.”  She loved them.  My son will pick them and eat them like an apple right off of the plant.  Probably one of the best tomatoes money can buy.

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